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Things I learned cycling

1. Cycling allows me to immerse fully in nature and enjoy the simple things. The sun, wind, rain and the sensation of accelerating are all better while riding a bike. Fresh air and wind in the face is pure ecstasy.

2. The bike is exciting, it can take me to new places; help me meet new people and discover new landscapes. I want to explore everything. I want to enjoy all the little things in life, because someday I’m going to realize they were the big things.

3. Cycling and learning new skills is exhilarating, but I can’t be afraid to look stupid. I can’t get hung up on what others think. It doesn’t matter how good I am, but how good I want to be.

4. Cycling has taught me a very important lesson: when I fall down, I need to get right back up, brush myself off and continue on down the trail.

5. Balance in life and in bike riding is key, without it I am surely headed for disaster.

6. Sometimes I have to make my own fun. I am usually one single bike ride away from a better mood. It really is hard not to smile while riding a bicycle.

7. Life can sometimes be an uphill climb, but the view is usually pretty awesome, if I stop and take the time to look around.

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