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Growing as the youngest child of a large family gave me some advantages in comparaison with my older brothers. I always had someone to play with, and I always had that warm feeling of protection.

My brothers taught me how to ride a bicycle and they shared their love for this sport. In the other side, I never had my own bicycle until I grew up. That means I always got my brother old bike once he had a new one.

No complaints, I have amazing memories from that time, but I also remember the feeling of riding an old bicycle that ended up having some squeaky sound that I used to hate. So I spent a lot of time cleaning and fixing my bike to get a better riding experience. While cleaning and polishing my bike, I used to rub it until it shines and, again, I could hear a (now) satisfying squeaky sound.

Working in the bicycle industry I always kept that experience in mind. Offering a comfortable experience with reliable and long lasting products became an obsession, so when I had the chance to build my own brand it became a principle to launch any product. That is why we named the brand Skwi:ki (Or SK as we use to call it internally) in order to remind us of the perfection and improvement I pursued while fixing my bike many years ago.

Our final goal is to help you to enjoy cycling and collecting amazing memories around this wonderful sport as I do. 



Skwi:ki CEO

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